Tuition and Student Fees

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Emma Eccles Jones Education BuildingWhat is tuition?
Tuition is the charge for attending a college or university class. Tuition is charged by credit hour. Tuition is the same for 10-18 credit hours.

How is tuition determined?
Tuition prices vary depending if you are an undergraduate or graduate student. Prices also vary depending on if you are a Utah resident, non-resident, or international student.

View the undergraduate tuition and fees rates here.
View the graduate tuition and fees rates here.

What are student fees?
Student fees are separate from tuition to help support the institution in a variety of ways. Student fees at SUU support the following departments:

  • Athletics
  • Student activities
  • Building maintenance
  • Campus recreation
  • Civic engagement
  • Community Engagement Center
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Music
  • SUU Outdoors
  • Student technology
  • Theatre Arts and Dance

These fees allow students to attend events athletic games, theatre and dance performances and student activities for no additional cost. They also provide free services to students like counseling, recreational hours at the PE building and volunteer opportunities through the Community Engagement Center.

Find a full breakdown of student fees here.
Find the version of this article in Spanish here: Matrícula y Cuotas Estudiantiles.

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