Checklist for Parents of New Students

Posted: June 28, 2017 | Author: N/A | Read Time: 2 minutes

SUU Students holding a sign that says "Hi Mom and Dad"Southern Utah University’s Parent & Family Services aims to improve the overall quality of campus life for students by keeping parents and families informed about University services. They gathered useful information to help navigate students and their parents through their college experience.

Here is their checklist of 18 things parents can check with their students to help them have a smooth transition into college.

  1. My student has paid the $100 enrollment deposit enabling them to register for classes.
  2. My student has completed the TTQ.
  3. My student has accepted any scholarship that may have been offered. (This is done by going to your student’s portal on the SUU website, go to the left side banner & click Financial Aid, then Award, click Award Aid by Year, then accept the scholarship)
  4. My student has spoken with an ACE mentor and is registered for the upcoming semester.
  5. My student has secured housing for the upcoming semester.
  6. My student has obtained a free bicycle permit if bringing a bike to campus, or if they plan to bring a vehicle to school, they have gotten a parking pass.
  7. I understand that SUU has no on-campus medical clinic. I have discussed health insurance options with my student and explained our family coverage (if applicable). For low-cost clinics, visit the Free Clinic Directory.
  8. My student has set up a post office box if they want the same mailing address throughout their time at SUU.
  9. My student has taken the Math Accuplacer. (This primarily is for students who have had a break of two years since taking the ACT.)
  10. If my student has a foreign language that they'd like credit for: Register for the FLATS test through BYU ( The cost of the test is $50 (subject to change). The test is completely online and can be completed in SUU’s Testing Center.
  11. My student has set up an SUU email account. This is the University’s formal communication method and includes an emergency text system to be notified of any emergency on campus.
  12. My student has also signed up for text alerts for campus events through T-Bird Connection, and Campus Alerts (on your student portal click on your name).
  13. My student has provided transcripts, final grades, AP courses, concurrent courses to SUU. (including HS spring semester classes)
  14. My student has reserved/purchased textbooks for the upcoming Semester. 
  15. My student has taken the Haven training (required for all students). 
  16. My student has arranged for disability accommodations if needed. 
  17. I understand FERPA and that it is my student's decision to choose to give access to their school information if they want someone to act on their behalf (encouraged for deferred students).
  18. Student ID can be picked up on campus. This ID will give your student access to activities and the testing center while they are a student at SUU. ID picture was taken at the STIL office. (Rm. 177 in the Sharwan Smith Student Center)

If you have questions, contact please contact the Parent and Family Services Office.

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