The Learning Community


Honors activities bring students together to broaden their horizons, learn from each other and have fun. In addition to the many activities organized by the honors council every month there are a few activities that have been around for years that build a sense of tradition and strengthen the community.

The Charge!

Every Fall the honors program kicks off the year with The Charge, an opening activity traditionally held at the University's Cabin in the mountains east of Cedar City.

RAD Lecture

Organized each month by the honors student council, RAD lectures invite special speakers to address a topic that is totally RAD. Open to all SUU students this event allows all of campus to experience the honors difference.

Murder Mystery

Every participant is a wacky character in this all night "Who Done It" where party goers try to solve the mystery. Hey, its critical thinking, right?

Study Day

On the open day between the last day of classes and the first day of finals week the honors program sponsors a study/break room complete with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Students come to study, take a break and share a meal. Free food!

Two Friends Sledding

A crowd saluting

Group photo in a cabin