SUU Honors Program

Honors Courses

Fall 2017

Course ID CRN Course Title Instructor Days/Time
BIOL 1610 32111 General Biology I Lindsey Roper MWF 10-10:50 A
BIOL 1615 32112 General Biology LAB I Lindsey Roper R 1-2:50 P
CHEM 1210 30229 Principles Of Chemistry I Kim Weaver MTWF 8-8:50 A
CHEM 1215 30244 Principles Of Chemistry Lab I Kim Weaver W 12-2:50 P
EDGE 1010 30012 Becoming An Engaged Learner Tasha Seegmiller TBA
ENGL 2010 32113 IW: Writing About Fairy Tailes Charla Strosser MWF 10-10:50 A
ENGL 2010 32114 IW: Writing About Poverty John Belk MWF 12-12:50 P
HIST 1100 32115 Western Civilization I Curtis Bostick TR 10-11:20 A
HONR 1040 32095 Foundations Of Honors Laura Benson T 12-12:50 P
HONR 1040 32096 Foundations Of Honors John Belk R 12-12:50 P
HONR 1040 32097 Foundations Of Honors Jason Kaiser R 3-3:50 P
HONR 1040 32098 Foundations Of Honors Lindsey Roper F 2-2:50 P
HONR 1040 32099 Foundations Of Honors Patrick Clarke W 11-11:50 A
HONR 1040 32100 Foundations Of Honors Jayci Bash M 1-1:50 P
HONR 1040 32101 Foundations Of Honors Jayci Bash TBA
HONR 2010 32102 Dialogue In The Disciplines Kyle Bishop TR 10-11:20 A
HONR 2040 32106 Honors Inquiry and Analysis Kelly Goonan M 11-11:50 A
HONR 2040 32107 Honors Inquiry and Analysis DAVID LUNT T 4-4:50 P
HONR 2040 32108 Honors Inquiry and Analysis GRANT CORSER W 12-2:50 P
HONR 3040 32109 Honors Application and Dissemination Kyle Bishop T 9-9:50 A
HONR 3800 32103 Service Learning Practicum Jayci Bash TBA
HONR 4010 32104 Honors Seminar Jayci Bash TR 1-2:20 P
HONR 4040 32110 Honors Capstone Kyle Bishop W 4-4:450 P
HONR 4990 32105 Independent Study Kyle Bishop TBA
LM 1010 32116 Information Literacy Matthew Nickerson F 3-3:50 P
LM 1010 32117 Information Literacy Matthew Nickerson F 3-3:50 P
LM 1010 32118 Information Literacy Paula Mitchell W 5-5:50 P
MATH 1040 32119 Statistics Eric Freden MTWRF 10-10:50 A
MATH 1210 32120 Calculus I Jianlong Han MTWRF 10-10:50 A

Honors Contracts

Students can earn honors credit for almost any course by working with faculty to complete an Honors Contract. The student and instructor agree on an out-of-class project and then work together to create a contract outlining what the student will do, in addition to the regular course work, to complete the project and receive honors credit. Students should contact the professor during the first 3 weeks of the semester to learn more about the course, discuss project options and to prepare the contract.

Ideally, an Honors Contract should create a partnership of mutual benefit to the student and faculty member. For the honors student, the contract should involve a project or activity that takes him/her deeper into the course subject and results in an experience highly relevant to his/her preparation as a professional. For the faculty member, the contract work should be an opportunity to try innovative or professionally interesting projects or activities that would be difficult to do for an entire class. In all cases Honors Contract work should strive for achievement in at least one of these three areas: scholarship, leadership, or service. The contract may be achieved in many ways as long as the work is relevant to the subject of the course. Above all, the Honors Contract should strive to be creative, original and/or interesting and never feel like “busy work” for either the student or the faculty member involved

Honors Contract Form

Honors Thesis

Completing an Honors Thesis is a great opportunity to work with a faculty mentor on an independent research/creative project. The Honors Thesis is the culmination of an honors education offering the student a chance to pursue academic or artistic work of his/her own choosing to sum up the undergraduate academic experience.

Employers and graduate schools recognize the creativity, dedication and work required to complete a thesis.