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Jayci Bash, MPA

Jayci Bash began working in the honors program in 2012. She earned her Master of Public Administration degree from SUU in 2015 with an emphasis on Student Affairs in Higher Education and is currently working on her Ed.D. at Arizona State. Jayci's passions are any outdoor adventure with her partner and kids. She is a project leader for the National Collegiate Honors Council Partners in the Parks program, taking Honors Students into National Parks for week-long academic adventures and serves on the leadership of the Western Regional Honors Council.

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Jayci Bash

Dr. Kyle William Bishop
Academic Coordinator

Dr. Kyle William Bishop is a third-generation professor at Southern Utah University, where he is the Academic Coordinator and teaches courses in American literature and culture, film studies, and fantasy/horror literature. He has presented and published a variety of articles on popular culture and cinematic adaptation, including Metropolis, Night of the Living Dead, Fight Club, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn of the Dead, The Birds, Zombieland, and The Walking Dead. He received a PhD in English from the University of Arizona in 2009, and his dissertation on the cultural relevance of zombie cinema became American Zombie Gothic: The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the Walking Dead in Popular Culture, available through McFarland & Co., Publishers. He can be followed on Twitter @DrWalkingDead

Kyle Bishop

Katie Englert

Katie Englert is Lecturer for the Honors and the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies programs at SUU. Her background is in photojournalism and cultural anthropology and she is particularly interested in the visual representation of the ethnic “other” in media. She enjoys visually documenting her community and photographs A.P.E.[X] events on campus. She loves the thrill she gets from mountain biking and exploring the southwest.

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Katie Englert

Whitney Piñeiro, MPA
Administrative Assistant

Whitney Piñeiro started her journey at SUU in 2012 as an incoming freshman study Interdisciplinary Studies. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she went on to complete a Master’s in Public Administration. She is passionate about traveling and experiencing new cultures. In her free time, Whitney loves to cook, care for her backyard chickens, get to know people and explore southern Utah.

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Whitney Piñeiro

Aimee Kaiser, M. Ed.
Academic Advisor

Aimee Kaiser came to SUU in 2012, originally from Pennsylvania, where she earned a Bachelor of English Education and a Master of Higher Education. She began her career at SUU in Academic Advising for "undeclared" majors, and later advised students in Criminal Justice, Political Science, Languages, and Philosophy. She is currently the Academic Coordinator for the Integrative and Engaged Studies Department, which includes advising Honors, Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Master of Interdisciplinary Studies. In her free time, Aimee loves to read, make magic in the kitchen, practice yoga, and spend time with her fur babies.

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Aimee Kaiser

Jeff Carr
Office Clerk

Jeff is a sophomore Political Science major. He likes many many things, but McDonald's is definitely fourth. Running is probably third. Running helps to cancel out the McDonald's. Or facilitate it. Who can say. This is his first year working in the Honors Office. In his free time, he enjoys sitting in the Library contemplating his existence, long walks, and watching superhero shows on Netflix. He plans to attend law school after graduation.

Jeff Carr