Honors Capstone Project

To graduate with Honors, each student must complete a capstone project, which is an original research passion project of the student’s own design, showcasing what they have learned and where they want to go moving forward.

Two of the three required Honors classes are dedicated towards helping students brainstorm and begin the research process with their capstone projects, making this a multi-semester endeavor. Each class builds upon the other, helping students to dive deeper into their research, apply the skills they’ve gained, and for their projects to evolve.

While the capstone project is of the student’s own design, it should fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Honors Thesis
    An honors thesis is a great opportunity to work with a faculty mentor on an independent research/creative capstone project. An honors thesis is the culmination of an honors education, offering the student a chance to pursue academic or creative work of their own choosing to sum up their undergraduate academic experience. The completed project is reported in an extended, formal, academic paper. Employers and graduate schools value the creativity, dedication, and effort required to complete a thesis.
  2. Creative or Experiential Projects
    Creative or experiential projects are diverse and should integrate academic research into a project that demonstrates mastery of a creative or experiential endeavor. These projects could include performing or visual arts, professional portfolios, study abroad, internships, leadership activities, and more.
  3. Honors Capstone Project within Major
    Several majors include a capstone project as part of their requirements for graduation. Honors students may use their capstone in their major to fulfill their honors capstone requirement. The capstone must meet all of the department criteria while also moving beyond the average project in terms of preparation, reach, time, imagination, and/or reflection.

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