Honors Contracts

Students can earn honors credit for almost any non-Honors course by working with faculty to complete an Honors Contract. The student and instructor agree on an out-of-class project and then brainstorm together to create a contract outlining what the student will do, in addition to the regular course work, to complete the project and receive honors credit. Honors Contract work should strive for achievement in at least one of these three areas: scholarship, leadership, or service. Students who complete a successful contract (and pass the course with at least a B-) receive the same amount of honors credit as the credit amount of the course. All students attempting an honors contract must complete the honors contract training provided in the Honors Program HONR 1040 course.


  • Taking ownership of your own education
  • Establishing a connection with a professor
  • Going above and beyond course content
  • Exploring career possibilities
  • Trying something new at low risk (contracts are ungraded)

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