Graduating with Honors

Students may complete their honors studies earning either the Honors Diploma or the Honors Scholars Diploma. Both distinctions require students to:

  • Earn at least a 3.5 overall GPA,
  • Earn at least 21 credit hours of honors course work, including
  • At least 3 but no more than 9 credit hours through Honors Contracts.

In addition to these basic requirements students will choose to graduate with a University Honors Diploma or a University Honors Scholars Diploma.

University Honors Diploma: Completing an Honors EDGE Project takes the basic University experiential education requirement to the next level of achievement. Students who meet the basic requirements (above) and complete an Honors EDGE Project will graduate with University Honors.

University Honors Scholars Diploma: Completing an Honors Thesis is a great opportunity to work with a faculty mentor on an independent research/creative project. The Honors Thesis is the culmination of an honors education offering the student a chance to pursue academic or creative work of his/her own choosing to sum up the undergraduate academic experience. Employers and graduate schools recognize the creativity, dedication and work required to complete a thesis. Students who complete the basic requirements (above) and an Honors Thesis will graduate as an Honors Scholar.