Renewing Interlibrary Loan Materials

Viewing status of print item in ILLiad

To renew your ILL items, log in to ILLiad and find the item you wish to renew. Click the "Renew" button to begin the renewal process.

Different libraries will have different policies for lending their books through interlibrary loan. Some will give you a lot of time, others less. Some will allow you to renew, others will not. It is best to get your item as soon as possible, since renewal might not be possible. If you do find that you would like to renew, you can put in a renewal request. Please note that this is not a guarantee of a renewal, since the library is bound by the policies of the lending library. You will receive an email either approving or denying the renewal request. However, depending on the response rate of the lending library, you may not hear if your item has been renewed or not before the due date. If you do not receive an email before the item is due, it is recommended that you return your item to the check out desk in the library, so that you do not receive late fees. If you have any questions about the renewal process, email

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 Our hours are 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday (check library hours for any exceptions!)

  Ask to see an ILL staff member at the Check Out desk on the first floor of the Sherratt Library.