Tracking Interlibrary Loan Requests

Use ILLiad to track and view your requested items.

ILLiad main menu

The main menu in ILLiad lets you know when items are ready, and lets you see the status of items you're waiting for. Use this menu after submitting your request to stay up-to-date on your ILL materials.

ILLiad status menu

What are each of the sections for?

Electronically Received Articles is where you can check for articles. If your requested materials are ready, the downloadable PDFs will appear in this section.

Checked Out Items is where you can view and manage physical items (like books) borrowed through ILL.

Outstanding Requests is where you will see the status of current, not-yet-filled requests.

Received items

Viewing an electronic item in ILLiad

Electronic items (articles, book chapters)

Electronic items are usually received in  1 - 3 days. You will receive an email notification that it has arrived and is available in your ILLiad account. When you log in, you will see a red  View link to read or download the PDF.

We recommend saving the article PDF to your computer's hard drive or a flash drive, since the article will disappear from your account after 30 days.

Viewing status of print item in ILLiad

Print items (books)

Physical items like books are shipped to the Library, usually taking  1 - 3 weeks to arrive. You will receive an email notification that your item has arrived.

ILL books are checked out to you as soon as the Sherratt Library receives them, so try to pick then up as soon as possible. To pick up your item, please bring a photo ID to the Check Out Desk on the first floor of the library. 

Different libraries will have different policies for lending their books: some will give you a lot of time, others less. Some will allow you to renew, others will not. It is best to get your item as soon as possible, since renewal might not be possible. If you would like to renew your item, you can put in a renewal request in ILLiad. Please note that this is not a guarantee of a renewal, since the Sherratt Library is bound by the policies of the lending library. You will receive an email either approving or denying the renewal request. You may not hear if your item has been renewed or not before the due date. If you do not receive an email before the item is due, it is recommended that you return your item to the Check Out Desk in the library to avoid late fees.  If you have any questions about the renewal process, email

Outstanding requests

Outstanding request statuses in ILLiad

If you're still waiting to receive an ILL item, whether print or electronic, you will see that item marked with a status detailing which part of the process it's in.

There are many different reasons for delays or cancellations, and the explanations are detailed in ILLiad. Generally, any status update will also be sent to you through email as well. Always make sure that your email is up to date in your profile.

If you no longer need an item that's still being processed, you can cancel the request through your ILLiad account. Just click on the Actions button and cancel the request. We also can cancel these items for you over the phone (435-586-7938) or via email (

What does the status in ILLiad mean?

ILLiad has a number of statuses to keep you informed about your requested items. We've defined each status for you here.

Awaiting Conditional Processing: ILL has requested this item and the lending library has responded with conditions for the loan of the item. ILL staff will review the conditions and availability of the item elsewhere to determine if we will accept the lending library’s terms.

Awaiting Copyright Clearance: This request has just been submitted, and ILL staff must determine if copyright fees should be paid to obtain the item.

Awaiting Customer Contact: This item has arrived in ILL and has been processed, but is not yet on the hold shelf. Items in this status will be ready for checkout very soon and the user will receive an email when it's ready for pick up from the Check Out desk.

Awaiting Denied Renewal Processing: The lending library has refused to renew the item. The user will be notified by email that the item must be returned by the original due date.

Awaiting Extensive Searching: This item is more difficult to locate than our usual requests, and has been routed to the ILL staff for in-depth searching.

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing: The requested material has arrived but is not yet ready for pickup. Patrons can expect the item to be ready within 1 business day.

Awaiting Recalled Processing: The lending library has recalled the item and wants it sent back immediately. The user will be notified by email that the item needs to be returned.

Awaiting Request Processing: We have received your request but have not yet sent it to other libraries.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing: We have sent your request to potential lenders but no one has filled the request. We will continue to try to obtain the material from other sources.

Cancelled by Customer: Customer has cancelled the request.

Cancelled by ILL Staff: The request has been cancelled by ILL staff. When ILL staff cancels an item, ILLiad immediately sends an e-mail message explaining the reason for the cancellation.

Checked Out to Customer: The item is checked out to the customer.

Customer Notified via E-Mail: The item has arrived, been processed by the ILL staff and is on the holds shelf. The user has been notified by email to pick up the item.

Delivered to Web: The item has arrived, been processed by the ILL staff and posted to the customer's ILLiad account. It is available to be viewed and/or downloaded electronically via Adobe Acrobat.

In DD Stacks Searching: This item is available from the Sherratt Library and has been requested as part of the Distance Education services. The item is being located and pulled for scanning. Patrons can expect the item to be delivered to their ILLiad account within 2 business days.

In Electronic Delivery Processing: This item has been sent to us electronically, but has not yet been processed by ILL staff. In most cases, patrons can expect the item to be delivered within 1 business day.

In Transit: This item has been returned at another library and is travelling back to ILL.

Item Checked In: The item has been returned by the customer, checked in by the ILL staff and is waiting return processing.

Request Finished: The request has been successfully processed and completed.

Request In Processing: The request is being processed by ILL staff at this moment.

Request Sent: The request has been sent to potential lenders and ILL is waiting for a lender to ship the item.

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