Non-Traditional Student Family Benefits

The following benefits are for our Non-Traditional students and their families. The departments below have discounts and promotions throughout the year. Take advantage of some of these great opportunities and enjoy what being a T-Bird is all about!

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Only kids 3 and up need tickets.

Spouses/Partners can purchase a Fitness Center pass for $55 per semester which is the regular price a student pays.

Need a quiet place to study with your children? Use the Library Family Study Room, at the Gerald R. Sherratt Library. Enjoy a family environment, a quiet atmosphere to focus on learning, and flexible schedules to meet your specific needs. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a harmonious balance between academic commitments and family responsibilities.

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Non-traditional students can purchase tickets to theatre and dance performances for their spouse/partner at the student discounted price.

  • The Student Involvement and Leadership Center offers Partner Passes for some of our most popular events.

  • Community Engagement Center: Bread & Soup Nite ($1 with non-perishable food donation, $3 without, for students and non-students) And almost all of our volunteer opportunities, After School Sports, Bread & Soup Nite volunteering, HOPE Pantry volunteering, Paiute Center Tutoring, Sub for Santa, Wee Be Groovin', Wee Swim. The only exceptions are our Mini-Break and Alternative Break programs, for which the price students pay is subsidized or completely covered by our office. In those instances, we charge non-students the actual cost, as opposed to the subsidized price.

Non-traditional students' spouses/partners get a 25% discount on rentals and a 10% discount on retail items at SUU Outdoors.

Non-Traditional students' Spouses/Partners can purchase a Fitness Center pass for $55 per semester. PE Building Facilities