Non-Traditional Student Services

Non-Traditional Student Resources

About 40% of students at Southern Utah University are considered Non-Traditional. Because of this, SUU is committed to supporting this population while recognizing the unique needs and individual circumstances of Non-Traditional Students.

Our Office

What can we do for you? There are two key things that the Non-Trads office, located in ST 172, can offer you.

The first? A place to be, and to get away from the bustle of school! Our office is a safe environment where you can meet and connect with other Non-Traditional students, sit and chat with a staff member, quietly study, or eat lunch and socialize. In our office, we offer computers for your use, as well as a print/fax/copy machine, a microwave, a fridge, a sink, a coffee maker at your disposal, and places to sit and work or relax.

The second thing our office offers you as a Non-Traditional Student is connections to the rest of the university, and the community! Having a difficult time with a teacher? Not sure where to find scholarships? Need help navigating campus? Having a hard time with child care? Stop in and ask us! If we don't know the answer to your question, we will find it and walk you through whatever difficulty you may be having.

AND, one MORE thing that our office can potentially offer you, is emergency financial aid. If you are struggling financially, please come meet with us!

Campus Resources

Academic Advising
(435) 586-5420

Not sure what classes to take? Unsure of graduation requirements? Wanting to make a 4-year plan? Contact Academic Advising and set up an appointment with your Student Success Advisor, (find your Student Success Advisor) or stop in ST 204. We strongly suggest you meet with your advisor at the beginning of every semester, especially if you are new to SUU. They are a fantastic resource when it comes to planning your academic college experience.

Activities and Events Spouse and Family Pass

Wanting to go to all of SUU's fun events but don't want to leave your spouse or kiddos behind? Get a pass! For $10/sem or $20/yr, both you and your spouse can enjoy The Scream, Casino Night, and much more. For $15/sem or $30/yr, you can bring along your kids or other immediate family members to the free movie nights and other family-friendly activities on-campus. To purchase a pass, visit the Cashier's Office in the Student Center Rotunda.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Located just off-campus at 136 W University Blvd, CAPS offers all SUU students free individual, group, and couples counseling, along with other resources. It is amazing that many of the resources at CAPS are free to students; take advantage of it! To make an appointment or for more information, visit the Counseling and Psychological Services website.

Disability Support Center

Do you need ADA accommodation or have a disability that can make schooling difficult? Visit the Disability Support Center in ST 206. With specific classes and individualized accommodation, this center is here to help students succeed.

Financial Aid Office

Questions about scholarships, pell grants, loans, or work-study? Just pop on over to the Financial Aid Office in ST 167. Whether you're new to SUU or are starting another semester, we recommend meeting with a financial advisor. Your financial aid advisor can help you in finding the resources and funding you may be needing to gain a higher education. You can find more detailed information, including contact information, on the Financial Aid Office webpage.


The SUU app is a must-have for any SUU student. It has events, campus resources, a campus map, your digital student ID, a link to your Portal, and more. Available for both Android and iPhone, check your app store to get it now.

USF Student Access Pass

Available June-October, the Utah Shakespeare Festival Student Access Pass allows students to see any and all plays at the Festival whenever students want and as many times as they want. A pass is $40 and can be purchased at the USF Ticket Office, located across the NE side of campus.