STEM Projects & Programs

American Mathematics Competition Logo
American Mathematics Competition

Through classroom resources and friendly competition, the American Mathematics Competitions program helps educators identify talent and foster a love of mathematics. The Competitions are a series of examinations and curriculum materials that build problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge in middle and high school students.

Animal Ambassadors Logo
Animal Ambassadors

Animal Ambassadors uses live animals to connect with the public in the areas of science, nature, and conservation. We visit schools, scout groups, libraries, and other organizations. Additionally, we serve a humane role, as most of our outreach animals are former pets or animals needing other help or rehabilitation.

Ashcroft Observatory Logo
Ashcroft Observatory

Since its dedication in 1980, the Ashcroft Observatory has been committed to sharing the wonders of the night sky with the public. The observatory is open to the public on a regular basis, and also available by appointment to school groups, youth groups, and other groups.

Cedar Mountain Science Camp Logo
Cedar Mountain Science Camp

Cedar Mountain Science Camp provides elementary and middle school students with a hands-on outdoor science experience. The student experience is coupled with teacher development, where SUU pre-service and local in-service teachers can learn science content and observe sound teaching strategies implemented with actual students.

Classroom and Youth Group Visits Logo
Classroom and Youth Group Visits

Bring STEM to your classroom or youth group! SUU STEM faculty have prepared lessons and activities (many aligned with Utah K-12 standards) ready to engage your students in engineering, physics, chemistry, and other STEM areas.
Coming in 2022, we'll have new and improved SEEd aligned field trips for second grade!

CodeChangers Summer Camp Logo
CodeChangers Summer Camp

The CodeChangers program enables students ages 8-18 to create and innovate with technology. The program offers a unique technology education experience with an on-line, self-paced program that is easy to use and carefully mixed with hands-on activities designed to help inspire creativity and connection to real-world projects.

FIRST Robotics Logo
FIRST Robotics

FIRST Robotics is a PreK-12 program comprising 5 levels of competition. The program focuses on building interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through a real-world challenge to be solved by research, critical thinking, and imagination.

MathCounts Logo

Each year in February, SUU’s Mathematics Department hosts the local chapter of the national MATHCOUNTS competition for grades 6-8. Mathletes use high-level problem solving skills as they compete for an invitation to the State and National competitions.

Mobile Planetarium Logo
Mobile Planetarium

The SUU Mobile Planetarium helps bring astronomy-based scientific observation to K-12 students and the local community, introducing participants to the wonders of constellations, galaxies, and planets through omnidirectional projection and telescope-based activities.

Science Olympiad Logo
Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a competition where school-based teams cross-train for a variety of events in their skill set. Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation. Through Science Olympiad, students, teachers, and parents bond together and work toward a shared goal.

Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair Logo
Southern Utah Science and Engineering Fair

The SUU Science and Engineering Fair showcases the amazing work that students grades 5-12 put into their projects. Top projects are awarded in numerous categories, and high school students have the chance to win a trip to the International Science and Engineering Fair held each May!

STEM Library Logo
STEM Library

The SUU STEM Library is home to over 1,000 fun and interactive educational tools and consumable materials to help you integrate STEM in K-12 education at no cost. 


Southern Utah Girls in Technology (SUGIT) is a one-day workshop is for high school girls in grades 9-12. The goal is to expose girls to technology in a creative and innovative learning environment as well as giving them an opportunity to meet technology role models.


SUU PREP is a free program that provides three summers of rigorous academic instruction, educational hands-on projects, challenging homework assignments, and daily career awareness for students entering grades 7-9 who have an interest and aptitude in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics fields.

STEM Tutoring Centers Logo
STEM Tutoring Centers

The SUU STEM Tutoring Centers are designed to support K-12 students in their academic pursuits of STEM. Students can get help with a variety of subjects. 

Tech Fair Logo
Tech Fair

SUU's Department of Engineering and Technology hosts an annual Tech Fair celebrating the works of high school students in engineering, CAD/CAM, metalworks, and woods. Competitions including automotive, CAD/CAM, electronics, 3D printing, machining, and welding are also held at SUU and Southwest Tech.

TECS Futures Logo
TECS Futures

High school students participate in workshops and competitions related to programs in computer science, information systems, engineering, and technology. The objectives and goals for this event are to provide additional educational opportunities for high school students as well as recruit new students to SUU's programs in these areas.

The Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History Education Program Logo
The Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History Education Program

The Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History strives to increase public understanding of Southwestern Utah’s history and natural resources through educational tours and exhibits. We collaborate with SUMA to lead two-hour field trips that combine art and science for K-12 students.

Tribeta Neuroscience Outreach Logo
Tribeta Neuroscience Outreach

The Tribeta Honors Society introduces K-12 students to neuroscience using simple yet powerful demonstrations and experiments, including kits and activities from the Backyard Brains program. Neuroscience for everyone!

Utah Range Camp and The Color Country Natural Resource Camp Logo
Utah Range Camp and The Color Country Natural Resource Camp

The Utah Range Camp and The Color Country Natural Resource Camp are opportunities for high school-aged youth to spend time in nature learning about natural systems. Conservation and appreciation of these resources are emphasized and students gain an awareness of their natural surroundings while participating in hands-on activities.

You Be the Chemist Logo
You Be the Chemist

The You Be the Chemist Challenge is a competition and program for students in grades 5-8 that celebrates and elevates the science of chemistry to inspire on-going study and careers. You Be The Chemist Challenge® is a collaborative, multilevel academic competition that celebrates the science of chemistry and elevates STEM careers.