K-12 Tours

SUMA is designed to serve as a model laboratory for collections and exhibition research, educational programming, public school outreach and empirical evaluation of the visitor experience. The SUMA classroom is dedicated to educational programs in service to the museum, its mission and activities.

SUMA will resume guided tours in September.

Kindergarten-5th Grade Tours

Each K-5 tour slot lasts two hours. We can accommodate up to 60 students total. Students will split into two groups and visit SUMA and either the STEM Center or the Frehner Museum of Natural History for one hour each.

Grades 6-12 Tours

Each 6-12 tour slot lasts one hour and can accommodate up to 20 students. Our tours typically cover historical information of the artists and artwork, the principles of art, medium, process, and critical analysis. With advanced notice we can adapt our tour to your classes’ objectives and goals. 

Distance Learning

If you are unable to join us in person, please check out our lesson plans and virtual tours on the Educational Resources page.

Additionally if you are located in Beaver, Garfield, Millard, Piute, Sevier, or Wayne County in Southwest Utah we offer a Distance Learning Program with the support of the Art Works for Kids Foundation and artsFUSION. By signing up for this program you will go on a virtual tour and receive an integrated art lesson plan with Utah standards, an instructional video, a classroom kit with project supplies, and the opportunity to attend a one hour workshop in your county. 

More information on the 2022-2023 program coming soon. If you have any questions please contact us at: experiencesuma@suu.edu.