SUU APP Event Contact Tracing Request

If your area is requesting access to scan students in for your club or organization event to comply with contact tracing efforts, please fill out the following information. This must be completed at least one week prior to the requested event date. 

You will need to include an uploaded excel sheet with the names of the students, faculty, or staff that need access to scan in students at your event. The limit is 10 individuals total for your event. 

You will need to fill this out for EVERY event you intend to use the SUU APP for contact tracing efforts. After each event your event will disappear and the individuals you requested access to scan will be stripped of their access.

Once your event has occurred, the Student Involvement and Leadership Office will upload the student roster to the Covid-19 task force for your contact tracing records. If you wish to have access to the list of names that attended the event, you will need to request this by emailing Heather Garcia at no later than one week before your event.

If you have questions, please contact Heather Garcia in the Student Involvement and Leadership Office at or in Student Center 177.