Leave of Absence/Authorized Early Withdrawal Request

Leave of Absence: Students desiring to take a semester off during either the fall or spring semester will need to request a Leave of Absence from International Services. If this is not completed, the student’s I-20 will be terminated.

Authorized Early Withdrawal: If a student needs to return home mid-session for a medical or family emergency, they may do so by requesting an Authorized Early Withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each semester SEVIS requires the registering of new and returning students. This is done based on SUU registration records. If a student is not registered for the current semester, then they will not be registered, and this will lead to the cancelation of the I-20. Notification must be given in order to prevent cancellation of the I-20.

No, while on a Leave of Absence/Authorized Early Withdrawal you are required to leave the United States. Exceptions are allowed for medical emergencies, which require treatment to be done in the United States. To be allowed this exception, proof of treatment will need to be provided.

  • Obtain a new I-20 (This must have a new SEVIS number), which requires the following:
    • Submit new financial support information to SUU’s Admission Office
    • Provide SUU with an accurate mailing address where the I-20 will be mailed
    • Pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee, for information visit: http://www.fmjfee.com
    • Contact the US Consulate in your area to find out if you will need a new F-1 visa.
  • If a new I-20 is issued, you will not be eligible for CPT or OPT until a year has passed from the start date listed on your new I-20

When ISSS has been notified of a Leave of Absence/Authorized Early Withdrawal, your SEVIS record will be terminated as an “Authorized Early Withdrawal.” This will not permanently affect your SEVIS record. Thirty days before the next session start date, your SEVIS record will be reactivated and you will be put back in Active status.

You will need to check-in with ISSS providing your new immigration documents (I-94, I-20, visa, and passport.)

No. Your return flight must be within the 30 days immediately preceding the next session start date.

Yes, only if notice is given to ISSS 30 days before the planned re-entry date. If re-entry is planned for less than 30 days, you will need to wait until the previously planned re-entry date.

Undergraduate/Graduate Students will receive all “w’s” for their courses. “W’s” do not negatively impact your GPA.

IEP students will need to contact the ALCC department to learn more about how their absences will affect their grades.