Employment for F and J visa holders

Both F and J visa holders have various employment options available during their time at SUU. While seeking employment, visa holders will need to pay close attention to the restrictions and benefits specific to their visa type.

Employment Options for F-1 visa holders

Working on-campus or off-campus as an international student does require authorization from International Student & Scholar Services. Students who have not received a social security number will need to obtain a letter from ISSS to turn into the Social Security Administration with their application. More information about social security numbers can be found on the social security website.

On-Campus Employment Authorization
Complete and submit this form to ISSS in order to be eligible to apply for a Social Security Number.

CPT Application
This application is required for students who are pursuing a paid internship associated with their academic program of study. Authorization for this type of employment takes place in the ISSS..

Pre-Completion OPT
Prior to graduation, students may apply for off-campus employment related to their field of study by applying for Pre-Completion OPT.

Post-Completion OPT
Graduating students interested in 12 months of employment will need to complete and submit their application to USCIS for adjudication. This document provides guidance for preparing your application.
Workshops providing instruction for this employment option will be available throughout the year.

OPT STEM Extension
Requesting an OPT extension for qualified students is explained in this document.

Severe Economic Hardship
Application for this benefit must be sent to USCIS. This document outlines the process and information required for receiving this work authorization.

Off-Campus Employment Option for J-visa holders

Academic Training
Academic Training is training in the area of your major that takes the form of an internship or actual employment. It serves to supplement and support your academic program in the United States.

Employment options for F-2 Visa Holders

F-2 visa holders are not permitted to work in any capacity during their time in the United States

Employment Options for J-2 visa holders

J-2 visa holders are eligible for employment during their time in the United States after having received an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There are no restrictions on the type or location of employment.

J-2 Employment Application
For instructions on the application process, download this instructional.