OPT Reporting

While on Optional Practical Training (OPT), students are required to report any changes in address or employment. By completing and returning the form below, students on OPT authorize SUU to update their information with the Department of Homeland Security via SEVIS in order to properly maintain their F-1 status in the United States.

Reporting information includes:

  • Copy of EAD card after it has arrived
  • Change in US address, which must be made within 10 days of change
  • Change in employment
  • Time unemployed not to exceed a total of 90 days during 12 month period
  • Change in visa status
  • Early termination of OPT when a student decides to return home before the end date for OPT listed on page three of the I-20

OPT Reporting Form - When completed and returned, an SUU DSO will update a student’s SEVIS record to accurately reflect address, time unemployed, and any changes in employment.

OPT reporting forms can be emailed:

Email: ortonj@suu.edu

Student SEVIS records will be updated within 10 days of reception of the OPT Reporting Form.