Health Insurance for International Students

SUU requires that every international student carries personal health insurance during their enrollment as a student. Health care can be very expensive in the United States; a few days in the hospital could result in a bill in excess of $20,000. Personal health insurance will help protect students from these high costs in case of illness or injury.

To make sure our students are financially covered in the event of medical need, the following coverage minimums have been established to ensure students are financially protected in the event of sickness or injury:

Coverage Minimums:

  • Medical Benefits - $200,000
  • Max Deductible - $500
  • Medical Evacuation - $50,000
  • Repatriation - $25,000

To learn more about health insurance, contact the companies listed :

*Note: these are plan minimums required by Southern Utah University; your plan may exceed these requirements.

*SUU does not endorse any specific insurance provider. Students are expected to evaluate and select their own insurance.