If you have any questions about any of the subjects below look through the answers and if you can't find anything please contact us at Parents and Family Services for more information!

Is it required for first-year students to live on campus?

  • No. Freshmen aren’t required to live on campus. learn more about on campus and off-campus housing options.

What scholarships are available to incoming students?

Does my student need a car?

  • Depends on where your student lives. Most student housing is within walking distance, however, if you are more than 1 mile from campus, you may want to consider a car, especially during the winter months.

Does my student need a computer and a printer?

  • No, there are computer labs and printers available for students to use on campus. Students are given a certain amount of prints each semester, once they have used them, they can purchase more.

Should my student purchase a meal plan?

  • If your student is living off-campus it will depend on their housing situation and whether they have a kitchen or not. Meal plans provide a variety of options and nutrition to a student's diet. If your student is living on campus, they will be required to purchase one of our meal plans Dining Services Meal Plans.

What are the best SUU calendars to keep an eye on?

What Things Should My Student Do Before They Arrive at College?

Are student resources free?

  • Yes! From Academic Advising to the Writing Center to psychological counseling, SUU has the resources to ensure your student aces that test and stays sane all semester. Check out the comprehensive list

Where should my student go if they get sick? Is medical insurance required?

  • Southern Utah University is in the process of starting a student health clinic that will provide basic checkups and services. It should be open to students in spring 2023. SUU does not offer student health insurance. There are a number of healthcare options nearby.

 Is medical insurance required?

  • No, but it is a good idea to send your student with their insurance card if they have one. 

What if my student is too sick to attend class for an extended time period?

  • Please read through our website on withdrawing from the academic term or emergency withdrawals. If you have any questions, please contact our registrar’s office. (435) 586-7715

Disability Resource Center

When should I notify the Disability Support Office at Southern Utah University about my disability?

  • It is recommended to contact the Disability Support Office as soon as possible after being accepted. By doing so, the DSO can be utilized more efficiently.

If I need a psychological evaluation, who do I contact?

  • SUU counseling and Psychological Services is an excellent source to direct you towards getting our psychological evaluation. They can be contacted by phone at (435) 865-8621 or at their office, located in Sharwan Smith Center room 168.

What accommodations will I receive?

  • Students receive accommodations according to the nature of the individual’s disability, according to the official documentation and evaluations. Accommodations will not be given that would consequently alter core elements of a course. For more questions please contact the Disability Support Office at (435) 865-8022 or visit us at 206F in the Sharwan Smith center.

504 /IEP accommodations were received in high school, will these accommodations still be provided?

  • 504 plans transfer into higher education as long as they are accurate and current. Please contact Carmen Alldredge at alldredge@suu.edu to see if your 504 needs to be updated to be considered as documentation to receive accommodations.

I already have a diagnosis from an M.D. is this adequate documentation?

  • No. A licensed specialist must provide the evaluation depending on the disability. For learning or psychological disabilities, a licensed psychologist must be contacted. For physical disabilities, an evaluation must be done by a medical specialist.

What if my student needs to take a leave of absence or a deferment?

    • You can defer admissions for up to 6 semesters without having to reapply or pay the application fee. In most cases you can also keep scholarships. 

    • Deferment and/or Leave of Absence form
    • If you need to defer enrollment, don’t forget to accept your scholarship.
    • If, due to unusual circumstances, you are unable to attend SUU in the term you have been admitted, you may be able to defer your admission to a future term. Please contact admissions at 435-586-7740 or admissions@suu.edu for more information or visit our deferment page.

How can my student get involved with clubs and activities on campus?

    • Getting involved on campus is the best way for students to immediately get plugged into student communities, campus resources, and to develop leadership skills. The Student Involvement & Leadership website has information about the people, places, and programs that are here to support your student throughout their T-bird Experience. To dig a little deeper, browse the Registered Student Organization Directory

Bus Services:


  • From St. George Airport take a St. George Express taxi to St.George express station, and then a shuttle from there to Cedar. 

Taxi Services:

  • Iron County Taxi 
    • Call for a taxi: 435-865-7076
    • Will pick students up from anywhere!
      • Flat Rates 
        • $7.00 SUU Library to Walmart for Walmart ($12 roundtrip)
        • $10.00 One side of town to the other ($14 roundtrip)
        • $22.00 One way to Enoch
  • Soul Taxi 
    • Text/Call Only: 435-267-4866
    • Flat Rates
      • $7.00 From Walmart to the Bowling Alley to the Airport.
      • $1.00 more for each additional passenger going to the same place.
      • $3.00 for each additional stop
      • $12.00 - within City limits.
      • Ask about pricing out of Cedar and Enoch.
      • Now offering SUU and veterans discounts!

Online/App Options

Cedar City Airport 

When are tuition payments due?

Payment Deadlines:
  • Summer Semester: First day of class
  • Fall Semester: First day of the Semester
  • Spring Semester: First day of the Semester
  • SUU offers a payment plan for students desiring to pay their institutional charges in monthly installments. Please visit the cashier's web site or call (435) 586-7720 for additional information.

How do I pay my students bills?

How does my student obtain residency for tuition purposes?

What degrees are offered at Southern Utah University?

  • SUU has more than 140 undergraduate programs as well as graduated programs, certificates, minors and Add ons for you to take in any direction you choose. 
  •  Explore Degrees, and certificates
  • SUU offers a general education certificate  - this is a place to start if you don’t know your major yet. This certificate can transfer to any other state school and is accepted at some Utah private schools. 

My student wants to major within the medical field. What options are available?

How does my student find his or her academic advisor? 

How does my student change his or her major? 

How can an international student obtain a Social Security Number? 

  • In general, a Social Security Number (SSN) is only given to students working in the United States. International students are only authorized to work on-campus, unless authorized for off-campus employment through the GEC. After hiring, students will need to apply for an SSN by taking the following information to the Social Security Administration Office.

How do international students get health insurance? 

  • To make sure our students are financially covered in the event of medical need, the following coverage minimums have been established to ensure students are financially protected in the event of sickness or injury.

You can reach us at 435-586-7735, finaid@suu.edu or by visiting our office in the Sharwan Smith Center, Room 167. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How does my student apply for Financial Aid?

  • In two easy steps:
  • Go to the Federal Student Aid website and create what is called an FSA ID. Your FSA ID gives you access to Federal Student Aid's online systems and can serve as your legal signature.
  • Once you have set up your FSA ID, complete the online Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The information from the FAFSA will be used to determine your eligibility for Federal grants, loans and work-study. Don't forget to add SUU's school code to your FAFSA, 003678.