Registration FAQ's

How to:

What does this registration error mean?

Explanations of registration errors and their resolutions.

Why do I have a registration hold?

A registration hold can be put on a student’s account by various departments for different reasons. Some of the most common causes of a hold being placed on a student’s account are:

  • Outstanding fees at the Cashier’s Office
  • Overdue library books/library late fees
  • Parking fees

All holds must be cleared by the office that issued the Hold before a student can register, receive a transcript, receive their diploma, etc. You may view your holds online after logging in by choosing:

  • Student Records
  • View Holds

For questions on Holds, please call us at (435) 586-7715.

How do I register for courses that require special permission?

To acquire instructor or Department Chair permission use the Permission Request.
     Both instructors must approve for courses with a time conflict.

How do I register for classes with the special senior citizen tuition rate authorized by the Legislature (HB 60)?

Utah residents, age 62 and over, are permitted to enroll, on a space-available, audit-only basis, at any of the state’s public universities and colleges. Tuition is free and the class must be audited (no credit given).

  • Submit an application to Admissions (applications are available at the Admissions or the Registrar’s Office)
  • Pay a $10 per semester administrative fee
  • Where applicable, a fee may be charged for use of consumable materials
  • Register at the Registrar’s Office on or after the first day of class

How do I calculate my enrollment status (full time, part time, etc.)?

A student’s status (full or part time) at the University depends on the number of credit hours for which he or she is enrolled each semester, as follows:

Full Time Explanation
Full Time Part Time
Undergraduate 12 and over Fewer than 12
Graduate 6 and over Fewer than 6

Undergraduate students receiving scholarship assistance must be full-time students. Graduate students should visit with their academic department for scholarship policy.

Undergraduates with federal financial aid should consult the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.

Veteran students should contact the Veteran's Services Office for questions specific to their benefits.

What is a normal semester course load?

Credit Hour Load
  Normal Load Maximum Credit Load**
Undergraduate 12-15 credits 18 credit hours
Graduate 6 credit hours 3 credits (accelerated part-of-term courses)

6 credits (full semester courses)

Undergraduate students with an SUU grade point average of 3.5 or higher may enroll for more than the maximum credit load. A written approval from the academic advisor and the Dean of the student’s major is required. Approval must be obtained before registering. You may use the Credit Overload Request form.
     ** Registering for more than the Maximum Load credit hours will increase your tuition and fees.

How do I calculate my class standing?

An undergraduate student’s class standing depends on the number of semester hours successfully completed, as follows:

Registration Hour Explanation
Hours Completed Level (year)
0 to 29 Freshmen (first)
30 to 59 Sophomore (second)
60 to 89 Junior (third)
90 to graduation Senior (fourth)

Graduate students are considered Masters candidates.