PRAXIS TESTS - Test Requirements for Teacher Candidates

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Why take the PRAXIS tests?

The Utah State Board of Education joined its counterparts in 35 other states in requiring the PRAXIS tests for certain initial teacher requirements (Utah Professional License).

Which tests will I need to take and how much do they cost?

The Praxis exams required will depend upon the content area (major) and grade level you are preparing to teach. Please note that it is your responsibility, not the college's, to make sure you sign up for and pass the correct test.

NOTE: Students accepted to COEHD after January 1, 2020, will also need to take and pass a teacher performance assessment during their student teaching semester before recommended for licensure; and in most cases this may replace PRAXIS Tests. This assessment will replace the teacher work sample and students will be prepared during courses and required class workshops.

Please see an Education advisor for additional information.

The test requirements for licensure in the state of Utah can be found by visiting the ETS site via the link below:

Utah PRAXIS requirements

What is Covered on the Tests?

The Elementary Education Content Knowledge test is designed for prospective teachers of children in primary through upper elementary school grades.

Secondary Education Content Praxis are tests designed to measure your knowledge of the subject matter and teaching skills needed for each certification area. These assessments measure candidates' knowledge of the subjects they will teach, as well as how much they know about teaching that subject.

You can learn more about the specific tests by reviewing the Tests at a Glance booklet in each relevant content area. Tests at a Glance booklets include content outlines, sample questions with rationale for the best answers, and test-taking strategies. You can review and download the Tests at a Glance information from the ETS Web site.

When and Where Do I Take the Test?

Its important to see the current schedule.

Where Should I Have My Scores Sent?

The Praxis Bulletin lists a code for each organization approved by ETS to receive scores. In addition to having scores sent to SUU and the Utah State Board of Education, you should list the code for each additional certification agency or college you want to receive your scores. You will receive your own report and you are entitled to have four score reports sent to the certification agencies or colleges you choose. It is to your benefit to keep copies of your score reports in your personal education file as will charge you for replacement copies.

What If I Don't Pass the PRAXIS?

See your Education Academic Advisor.

For further information regarding the PRAXIS II tests visit the ETS web site.