Licenses/Endorsements for Teachers in Utah

In order to teach in Utah, students must obtain a Professional license, issued by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) indicating the proper major and grade level they are qualified to teach. SUU offers courses leading to the following Licenses:

  • Elementary Teaching License (K-6)
  • Elementary License for a Secondary School Teacher
    • Students with academic training with a major/or in at least one subject taught in most elementary schools who would like to get an Elementary License, please consult an Education Advisor.
  • Secondary Teaching License (6-12)
  • Special Education Mild/Moderate License (K-12) (currently being discontinued and moved to Graduate level - no new students will be accepted)
    • Bachelor’s Degree and Special Education Mild/Moderate Resource coursework are required with Licensure in either Elementary or Secondary
    • Permits the holder to teach mild and moderately handicapped students with intellectual or behavioral handicaps or learning disabilities

Important State and Your Home State Licensure Details