Dispositions for Program Admission

Each semester faculty who teach EDUC 2200, and EDUC 2400 must complete a disposition evaluation for each student in the class. You can fill this out in conjunction with a self-assessment assignment or student/professor conference, or you may choose to do it without student student knowledge or input. This is up to you.

Completing this evaluation for each student is essential for the Teacher Ed program admittance process. The information goes into a database which grows each semester. When a student applies to the program, Shirley will check their disposition scores. Students who have received all positive feedback from multiple courses will not be required to complete an interview. Students who have received lower scores and students who have had no disposition evaluations (transfer students) will be required to complete an admittance interview.

You can complete this process in one of two ways :

Choose the method that is most convenient for you. Please finish this process before the end of each semester.