Admission Procedures

Students requesting provisional admission to SUU's Elementary or Secondary Education program must follow the process listed below:

  1. Applicants must complete an online application.
    Application due dates are as follows:
    1. Spring admission - Second Tuesday in October
    2. Fall admission - Second Tuesday in February
  2. Elementary Education majors are required to pass the Praxis Exam 5001 (multiple subjects) with at least a passing score in each of the four testing areas. These tests can be taken together or individually depending on the needs of the student:
    1. 5002 Reading/Language Arts:  passing score 157
    2. 5003 Mathematics:  passing score 157
    3. 5004 Social Studies:  passing score 155
    4. 5005 Science:  passing score 159
  3. Secondary Education students need an ACT score of 21 or higher or will need to pass the Praxis I tests (Core Academic Skills for Educators). We can accept either an An ACT with minimum scores required in each area and a composite score of at least 21. English-20, Math-19, Reading-18, Science-18.
    The Core Academic Skills for Educators tests measure basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics and include multiple-choice questions and an essay question on the writing test. The tests are designed to evaluate whether you have the academic skills needed to prepare for a career in education. The following are the minimum test scores required:
    1. 5712 Reading test - 156
    2. 5722 Writing test - 162
    3. 5732 Mathematics test - 150
  4. Students are responsible for checking the website in order to register for the correct Praxis exams. The college makes every effort to keep this website updated but is not responsible for students who register for and take the incorrect test. The following website,, will provide information on the Praxis Series tests.
  5. 3.0 cumulative GPA required for admission. No course with a "C-" grade or below within general education courses or major courses is accepted for licensure. You must receive a "C" grade or higher. This includes any transfer credit. (Students must maintain a semester 3.0 GPA. A lower GPA will result in probation. After two semesters of GPA below 3.0 admission will be revoked. A formal appeal through the Exemption Committee is required for reinstatement).
  6. Background check/fingerprints are required. Before a teacher candidate can work in the public schools in extended practicums and clinical practice (student teaching), a criminal background check must be completed. Please refer to the following link for detailed instructions.
  7. Dispositions. Dispositions are an ongoing part of the admission process in Teacher Education. They will be collected in each course and violating department, college, University, or community ethical standards will effect continued participation and/or admission into education courses and programs. Dispositions begin in pre-admission courses, and if there is an issue at the time of admission, a group interview will be required. 

Finalizing admission to Teacher Education. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure all components of the admission process are complete. Notification of admission status will be completed approximately three weeks after the packet and all necessary information is submitted. Students who are denied admission may appeal through the Exemption Committee or reapply in the future.

Policy for Transfer Students: All transfer students must have their teacher education credit hours evaluated by the College of Education Academic Advisor and Chair. Courses older than ten years will not be accepted. Some programs and endorsements may vary.

NOTE: Students accepted to COEHD after January 1, 2020, will need to take and pass a teacher performance assessment during their student teaching semester before recommended for licensure. This assessment will replace the teacher work sample and students will be prepared during courses and required class workshops.