F Visa

F-1 Visa Maintenance Requirements

Student Visa
Change in Address
Health Insurance
Program Completion
International Travel
Minimum Credit Requirements
Vacation Periods
Program Extension

Questions regarding maintenance requirements can be answered by International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS).

F-2 Visa Maintenance Requirements

The F-2 visa allows spouse and children to stay with the principal F-1 visa holder while in the United States. To maintain their status and F-2 visa holder will need to observe the requirements and notices listed above. In addition, their status is tied to that of the principal F-1 visa holder, if they fail to maintain their status, then all dependents are also considered to be out-of-status. If an F-1 visa holder’s status is canceled or terminated, then all dependents are also considered to be canceled or terminated.

Part-Time Enrollment 
K-12 Education for Children
Change of Status