Academic Expectations for your Student

To graduate with a bachelor's degree, your student will need to complete a minimum of 120 credits. If your student plans to graduate in four years, this means they must take 30 credits each academic school year, or 15 credits per semester (fall and spring), or 12 during fall and spring and 6 over the summer. Though this pace is not required, it is recommended for students hoping to graduate in four years. To graduate sooner, students may take as many courses as they feel comfortable with each semester. They can also take advantage of summer classes to get ahead.

Get to know SUU's Colleges: There are six colleges at SUU: College of Science and Engineering (COSE), College of Education (ED), College of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), College of Performing and Visual Arts (CPVA), School of Business (BU), College of Aerospace Sciences and Technology (CAST). Each college offers a variety of majors.

What is a Major? A major is the primary area of a student's academic study. SUU has over 100 majors to choose from. Each major has its own set of core courses that must be completed to obtain a degree.

What is a Minor? If your student is majoring in one subject but has other interests they would like to pursue, adding a minor is a simple way to study both. SUU has over 60 minors to choose from. While your student is considering whether to add a minor, keep in mind that it does require additional classes in the selected topic.

What is General Education? General Education courses are required to help create a well-rounded university education. These courses can provide opportunities to learn and guidance as students search for their passion. General Education courses include Math, English, Science, Social Science, History and Information Literacy.


  • Remember that changing majors is normal, and there can be a lot of paths to a great career and future.
  • Become familiar with the academic requirements for your student to graduate and the terminology your student may begin using as a university student.

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