Career Resources for your Student

We want your student to be successful in choosing a major and finding a career path.  Many students are declared as Exploratory Studies majors (undecided) their first semester of college. On average, students across the nation will change their major three times throughout their college career. Some students have a dream career in mind, but don't know what major they should pursue to get there. Other students love their major, but aren't sure what careers it could lead them to. SUU has career-specific resources to help your student find the most fulfillment in their major and career..

  • The Career Center is located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center (ST 204). The Career Center can help your student find an on or off-campus job, explore future career options, create a resume, and practice interview skills. They provide career and internship fairs, and career assessments to help students create an academic or career path.
  • Student Success Advisors (ST 204) offer academic guidance and planning, answer questions regarding majors and degree requirements, and provide holistic support for student growth and success. Each student is assigned an advisor based on the major they have selected, who will work with them from creating their first semester schedule, all the way through to graduation.


  • Encourage your student to explore different majors and career options.
  • Help your student understand that there are many successful pathways to achieving their goals.
  • If your student is feeling overwhelmed creating an academic or career plan, have them reach out to their Advisor or schedule a Career Assessment with the Career Center.
  • Follow SUU Career Center on social media @SUUCareer for resources, support, and information on upcoming career and internship fairs.

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