In-Person Student Orientation and Your Next Steps

Student Orientation

  • Online orientation is required for new students, and includes videos and quizzes (much like this) to help your student get to know SUU and ways they can succeed as a student.  Online orientation can be found in Canvas in your students’ mySUU portal and must be completed prior to the start of classes.
  • Thunder U (in-person orientation) is required by university policy, and is a fun, interactive, and immersive way for your student to meet other students with similar interests, get acquainted with campus, and celebrate the start of their SUU experience.
  • Personalized Visits are optional tours given over the summer by a peer mentor, called an ACE. Your student’s ACE can show them their classrooms, introduce them to their academic advisor or financial aid counselor, and answer any questions they have about starting school.

Parent Orientation

The office of Parent and Family Services is available to help with any questions or concerns throughout the year. They keep families connected to campus via email newsletters, Facebook and Instagram, and on-campus and virtual events.

  • Online Orientation is available for families to complete and revisit year round.
  • On-Campus Orientation takes place each semester in the form of open house events for families during fall move-in and before the first day of spring and summer semesters, and on-campus parent orientation held in conjunction with fall move-in day. 
  • Parent and Family Newsletter provides just-in-time information regarding student development and ways to support your student is provided throughout the year. 


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Parent and Family Services at or 435-865-8752.

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Stay connected! Family members can play an important role in encouraging and supporting their students.