Your Student's Checklist

There are a few things your student needs to take care of before classes begin.  The new student checklist will be sent to your student by both their ACE and the First-Year Experience Office.  If they haven’t seen it yet, remind them they should be checking their email regularly.  Completing these tasks will help your student practice independence and responsibility and will help them begin to feel ready for college.  Families can support by following up with their student to see which items have been completed and which tasks they need extra support with.  

  1. Pay or Postpone the enrollment deposit - this tells SUU your student is coming, and helps us begin keeping them connected with campus communications.
  2. Complete the T-Bird Takeoff Questionnaire - this gives SUU helpful information in getting to know your student, and will be crucial in helping your student’s Student Success Advisor create their first semester schedule.
  3. Get to know campus and tips to become a successful college student by completing the mandatory Online Orientation found in Canvas on their mySUUportal.
  4. Each student must complete the online Title IX training (training will NOT be available until one week before the start of the semester).
  5. Your student should secure housing as soon as possible. There are many great options available on and off campus, and you can help your student develop a budget to determine what they can afford.
  6. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see if your student qualifies for grants, scholarships, loans, or work study opportunities.
  7. Your student should accept any scholarships and financial aid awards they can do this from their mySUU Portal.
  8. Upload a photo and request your Student ID card

Many of these checklist items trigger another part of the new student process and should be done in a timely manner. For instance, when your student fills out the T-Bird Takeoff Questionnaire, their academic advisor will use your students preferences to hand register them for the best schedule possible. This is done to ensure your students first semester is full of classes that count towards their graduation while they begin to understand their graduation requirements. SUU students have graduated quicker and with less debt as a result of hand registering our incoming students. 


Support your student through these checklist items, but allow them to practice self advocacy by completing the tasks on their own.

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