Meet Your Student’s Peer Mentor (ACES)

To help your student succeed from the beginning of their SUU experience, they will be assigned a peer mentor (Assistant Coach for Excellence and Success or ACE). Your student's ACE will reach out to them before school begins, will be with them throughout orientation, and will meet with them throughout the school year to help them in  navigating the social, emotional, and academic aspects of college.  ACES can help students get involved on campus, find jobs, navigate roommate conflicts and relationships, and develop effective study habits.  If your student is struggling to find connection, have them set up a meeting with their ACE.

The ACES can help your student connect with other students with similar interests and hobbies.  The ACES, together with the First-Year Experience Office, host meet-up events before large campus events, so students can make new friends and have a group to attend campus events together.  The ACES work in The Nest in the Sharwan Smith Student Center (ST 178), this is also the student help center on campus, and the right place for your student to go anytime they need help or support.   


Is your student feeling anxious? Not sure how to get connected? Wondering what’s next to get ready for school?  Encourage them to reach out to their ACE or stop by The Nest  (ST 178). 

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