Your Student's First Six Weeks

The first six weeks are crucial in helping your student get connected and finding their place on campus. During these first six weeks, we will help by offering frequent communication regarding campus events, club meetings, ways to get involved, and how to overcome obstacles they may be facing.

As your student adjusts to the freedom that comes with being in college, they may experience some identity crisis, homesickness, or loneliness. One of the best things you can do to help your student is to encourage them to stay in Cedar City over the weekend and to get involved, especially during those first six weekends. For most students, going home on the weekends makes it harder for them to get connected.

We understand that this can be an emotional time, both for students who are moving away for the first time and for the parents who are missing them. Trust that they will find their way. We will help your student make connections and friends in any way we can. You can help by providing encouragement and support.


  • Talk to your student about staying in Cedar City over the weekends for the first six weeks.
  • Encourage them to join a club or organization.
  • Challenge them to try one brave thing each day—a new activity or campus event can lead to new friendships, greater learning, and a full experience.

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