Southern Utah Piano Pedagogy ConferenceSouthern Utah Piano Pedagogy Conference

Southern Utah Piano Pedagogy Conference

2022: Saturday, April 9 @ Southern Utah University

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A Registration Fee of $15 will be due at the conference - free for high school and college students!


Morning Sessions

2020 Afternoon Sessions
9:00 TBD
9:45 TBD
10:30 TBD
11:15 TBD


Afternoon Sessions

2022 Afternoon Sessions
1:30 Discover and play easy piano ensemble music
1:30 Preparing for Auditions/Solo and Ensemble
2:15 Discover and play intermediate piano ensemble music
2:15 Piano Maintenance
3:00 Kevin Olson Intermediate Level Master Class

Conference Recital: Zion Trio @ 5pm

The Zion Trio performs works by Beethoven and Brahms: Paul Abegg (violin), Ka-Wai Yu (cello), Christian Bohnenstengel (piano).

Past Conferences

2021: Virtual - Spring 2021

The 2021 Conference will feature a series of relevant videos that will be published bi-weekly on the second and fourth Tuesdays between February and April on our youtube channel:SUPPC

February 9:

forScore and MobileSheets - An Introduction to Sheet Music Readers(Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel)

Teaching Cross Rhythms: A Step by Step Approach - Part 1(Dr. Nancy Allred)

February 23:

Teaching Cross Rhythms: A Step-by Step Approach - Part 2 (Dr. Nancy Allred)

Teaching Cross Rhythms: A Step-by Step Approach - Part 3 (Dr. Nancy Allred)

Teaching Cross Rhythms: A Step-by Step Approach - Part 4 (Dr. Nancy Allred)

Online Teaching — Tips, Tricks (?) and Food for Thought (Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel)

March 9:

Teaching Improvisation in Piano Lessons (Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel)

March 23:

Ornamental Passages in Chopin's Piano Music (Dr. Nancy Allred)

April 6:

Conversations with a Teacher - Brandon Lee:

April 20:

Stylistic Differences Between Musical Periods (Mark Gubler)

2020: Saturday, February 22 @ Dixie State University


Morning Sessions

2020 Morning Sessions
9:00 Nancy Allred From Beginning to End: Tips for More Effective Practice and PerformanceHandout
9:45 Mark Gubler Inspiring Deep Practice: An Overview of the Talent Code
10:30 Brandon Lee Remote teaching (Skype/Facetime)
11:15 Kevin Olson Artistic Rhetoric: Fluently and Persuasive Speaking the Language of MusicHandout

Afternoon Sessions

2022 Afternoon Sessions
12:15-2:00 Shane Bowles Fundamentals, Improvisation, Composition and the Amazing Connection to the Staff
1:15 Kevin Olson Open Door - Meet the Composer
2:00 Christian Bohnenstengel The Healthy Pianist - Injuries and Prevention
2:45 Lori Arnold The Making of a Piano Teacher
3:30 Kevin Olson Intermediate Level Master Class

Conference Recital: "Beethoven @ Five"

Featuring talented piano students from the area and special performances, the recital is part of the DSU All-Steinway Series.

Pictures from the 2020 Conference:

2020 Conference