J-1 Visa Maintenance Requirements

Change in Address
Health Insurance
Program Completion
International Travel
Change of Status

J visas are used by both visiting scholars and students on exchange from another international institution. The following requirements will help J visa holders maintain their immigration status while in the United States. For questions about these requirements, contact International Student & Scholar Services.

J-2 Visa Maintenance Requirements

The J-2 visa allows spouse and children to stay with the principal J-1 visa holder while in the United States. To maintain their status and J-2 visa holder will need to observe the requirements and notices listed above. In addition, their status is tied to that of the principal J-1 visa holder, if they fail to maintain their status, then all dependents are also considered to be out-of-status. If a J-1 visa holder’s status is canceled or terminated, then all dependents are also considered to be canceled or terminated.

Employment J-2
University Courses
ESL Courses
Change of Status