Current Exhibitions

 Corset Show Banner

The Corset as Art: Past and Present

July 24 - September 25, 2021 

The most extreme form of corsetry happened in the last two decades of the 19th century when the waist was constrained to the point of ill health. Corsets still signify intrigue. They have a sexual connotation since they are women’s undergarments. While at the same time, they render the form impervious to touch. Even in our more androgynous times, the corset creates a uniquely feminine shape. And when worn by men, they are not used to improve the form but rather to make a statement. This exhibition shows the corset meant to enhance or intrigue the viewer either on or off of a body as a work of art in itself.

Free and open to the public, thanks to our sponsors Shelley Berkley and Dr. Larry Lehrner through their support of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

 USF 60th Exhibition

Utah Shakespeare Festival: 60th Anniversary Exhibition

Open July 24th through September 25th

Celebrating 60 years of the Utah Shakespeare Festival, SUMA will be hosting a special exhibition for the organization's diamond anniversary. Complete with photos, posters, and playbills from the storied history of our favorite Shakespeare company, this exhibition is not one to miss! 
Texture Thread Clay Banner

Texture, Thread, Clay: Selected Works from the Permanent Collection

July 24th - September 25, 2021

Textures define us. They are everywhere we look: the patterns on a shirt, the stitching in a seam, creases in an earlobe. In the basics of design, texture creates visual interest, an opera for our eye, stimulating our memory to produce a sensory reaction. It reminds us what it is like to touch, feel, our fingertips vicariously experiencing the smooth, rough, or soft surfaces in the painting, or photograph before us; texture allows us to touch, without touching. This exhibition features a variety of media and techniques through a selection of works from the permanent collection that were acquired since 2018.