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This Earth: Notes and Observations by Montello Foundation Artists

October 16 - December 23, 2021

The Montello Foundation

The deserts of Nevada and Utah have been potent landscapes for artists to render since first traversing these regions. Drawn to vast vistas, unique flora and fauna, and the subtle changes in geographic proportions and colors, there are extensive interpretations of nature and its meaning.

The Montello Foundation, founded by Stefan Hagen, has a direct mission statement: it is a “foundation dedicated to support artists who foster our understanding of nature, its fragility and our need to protect it.” Each year, international artists apply to the foundation, whose work is centered around a residency program. This solitary retreat is where artists can experience the vastness of the region from a base camp, or small building that provides a living space and a studio space. The residency affords a unique landscape for inspiration and creation, a place that provides a shield from distractions in the solitude of the desert.

Annual residencies have taken place since summer 2015, with an ever-expanding roster of artists who find their work aligns with the foundation’s mission.This Earth: Notes and Observations by Montello Foundation Artists brings together, for the first time, work by 37 artists who present a broad understanding of experiences with nature.

Curated by Hagen and Hikmet Sidney Loe, art historian and author of The Spiral Jetty Encyclo, one goal is to engage the exhibit’s audience in the processes each artist undertakes and the transformations they wish to impart through their work. Thus, the exhibit is organized thematically rather than by artist, technique, or materials:

  • Observing Nature is focused on the great tradition of artists as observers and note takers. While some meticulously record the sights and sounds experienced in nature, others abstract these observations, while others are focused on transcendental experiences.
  • In Dialog with Nature presents a number of artists working with natural elements and materials, transforming them with their practice. Others recreate aspects of the environment, allowing the audience to witness a dialog between artist and nature.
  • Human Interactions with Nature finds artists focused on the effect humans have on the natural world. Some artists display well-meaning and caring interactions, while others show the devastating outcomes humans have on nature.
  • Preserving Nature completes the exhibit. While all exhibiting artists engage their audience to understand nature and its fragility, some are very direct and clear with their message: we need to protect nature. Their work includes performative actions and activism; active audience participation is often central to their work.

Through the Montello Foundation’s modest shelter and studio in eastern Nevada, artists explore, then return to the foundation to realize their unique view of the world. Afforded through a singular retreat in the desert, each artists’ desire to share their insights with an audience is achieved through residency, and for some, through This Earth.

Observing Nature

Elisabeth Condon
Eleanor Ray
Laurie Lambrecht
Patricia Watwood
Ash Ferlito
Markus Guschelbauer
James Kao
Cedra Wood
Lee Arnold
Summer McCorkle
John Thayer
Kirsten Furlong

In Dialog With Nature

Michael Dax Iacovone
SaraNoa Mark
Brie Ruais
Lea Thomas
Sara Morawetz
Diana Shpungin
Blane De St. Croix
Lea Titz
Martha Tuttle
Letha Wilson
Tyler Beard
Nathaniel I. Ober
Kevin Cooley

Human Interactions With Nature

Kirsten Furlong
Cynthia Brinich-Langlois
Kevin Cooley
Evie McKenna
Nicole Jean Hill
Nina Elder
Matthew Hamon
Miho Suzuki
Fred Holcomb
Ryan Dewey 
Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars

Preserving Nature

Dylan Gauthier
bug carlson + Watergrass

Artwork from Latin American on exhibition at SUMA in October 2021

Elementos Sinérgicos: Selected Works from a Private Collection

October 16 - November 6, 2021 


Elementos Sinérgicos (Synergetic Elements) features contemporary and indigenous artwork on loan from a local collector, Brett Ridpath. During his elaborate travels, the collector purchased these pieces from several Latin American countries: Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Peru. Explorations of culture and the connections that art can form between human beings are central themes of this exhibition. For the collector, his affinity is more than just the art. It is equally about the many adventures he had that expanded his horizons and provided opportunities to collect Indigenous and contemporary artwork from Latin America.

All gallery content is available in both English and Spanish. 


Elementos Sinérgicos: Obras selectas de una colección privada

16 de octubre - 6 de noviembre, 2021

Elementos Sinérgicos (Synergetic Elements) presenta obras de arte contemporáneas e indígenas prestadas por el coleccionista local, Brett Ridpath. Durante sus elaborados viajes, el coleccionista compró estas piezas en varios países de Latinoamérica: Chile, Ecuador, México, Panamá y Perú. La exploración cultural y las conexiones que el arte puede establecer entre los seres humanos son temas centrales de esta exposición. Para el coleccionista, su afinidad es más que el arte. Se trata igualmente de las muchas aventuras que tuvo que expandieron sus horizontes y le brindaron oportunidades para coleccionar obras de arte indígenas y contemporáneas de Latinoamérica.

Todo el contenido de la galería está disponible en inglés y en español.