Students in front of the SUMA building

Museum Visits

Southern Utah Museum of Arts is excited to invite you to reserve a time for your students to engage with the exhibitions at SUMA through in-person self-guided tours and / or facilitated tours with SUMA staff.

Our fall exhibition, This Earth, opens October 16th and features artwork created by over 34 artists during their residency at the Montello Foundation, an organization dedicated to support artists who foster our understanding of nature, its fragility and our need to protect it. The artworks in the exhibition guide us in an understanding of the complexity of our environment: its unique conditions, the circumstances of environmental decline, and nature’s strength. Through a wide range of mediums and artistic motivations, this is an excellent learning opportunity to introduce interdisciplinary lessons and activities concerning the arts, sciences, humanities, and more, to thoughtfully reflect on humans’ interaction and impact on nature. Email for more information.

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Independent Visits

The following are suggestions for instructed visits or visits that can be assigned to students as independent/ group assignments. This is an excellent option for educators looking for an interdisciplinary way to challenge conceptual understanding, build observational skills, or practice language.


Students choose an artwork from the exhibition and craft a response based on their visual interpretation and its relationship with the surrounding exhibition. Then after reading the background information students evaluate their response and recontextualize the artwork. Questions to consider: Was your interpretation correct? How does this piece connect to other works of art? How does it relate to the exhibition's theme? Is the time period/ cultural moment in which it was created relevant to the subject matter? Has your personal response changed?

Contemporary Issues

Teachers identify an issue explored in their course and a related work of art currently on display. Students are asked to discuss/ write about / present on this relationship.

Image Description

Students write a detailed image description of a selected work of art. They are to describe the artwork as fully as possible, as if explaining it to someone who has never seen the piece. They can then trade descriptions with a classmate and see if they are able to identify the artwork described. This activity is also great for practicing foreign languages!

Label translation

Students translate labels into the language they are learning.

Creative Writing/ Emulation

Students select or are assigned a work of art as the basis of a creative essay. Alternatively, students select or are assigned a work of art or artist to emulate. Our permanent collection is another great resource for this assignment!