Student looking at exhibit at SUMALearn with SUMA

Want to learn more about art?! SUMA is excited to offer resources such as lesson plans, virtual tours, creative activities, and more to be used in the gallery, classroom and at home.

Learning Guides

Enhance your educational experience with SUMA’s Learning Guides, which contain historical information, and discussion questions related to our exhibitions.

Lesson Plans

Bring the museum back into your classroom with our Lesson Plans, connected to our current exhibition. 

Classic: Works by Art and Design Faculty, Past and Present Lesson Plan

Classic: Works by Art and Design Faculty, Past and Present Lesson Presentation

Lesson Plan Archive

Hands on Activities

Create art at home with SUMA through our video tutorials, worksheets, and coloring pages.

SUMA At Home Coloring Pages

Our talented SUMA staff have created coloring pages perfect for kids and adults! Download your favorites, color them in, and share them with us on Instagram by tagging @suma_museum or #SUMAatHome.

Balloons in the Rain Coloring Page Butterflies Coloring Page Citrus Slices Coloring Page Clouds Coloring Page Flowers Coloring Page 1 Double Rainbow Coloring Page Engelstad Theatre Coloring Page Flowers Coloring Page 2 Gathering Coloring Page Hang in There Coloring Page Hello Summer Coloring Page Headphones Coloring Page Ice Cream Cone Coloring Page Jellyfish Coloring Page Squiggle Lines Coloring Page Mandala Coloring Page Nerdicorn Unicorn Coloring Page Utah Post Cards Coloring Page Raven Coloring Page Ravens Flying Coloring Page VW Van Coloring Page Zion National Park Coloring Page 1

This Earth Classroom Activity

2021 Activities

April Project

March Project

February Project

January Project

2020 Activities

December Project

October Project

September Project

August Project

Instructions for Brilliant Book Arts

July Project

Instructions and printables for Monochromatic Mountains 

June Project

Instructions for Letters Tessellations 

May Project

Instructions for Blending Beautiful Butterflies

April Project

Instructions for creating Acrylic and Crayon Prints at Home

2020 Activities


Creating gingerbread people. For the book Catch That Cookie by Hallie Durand.

Activity Handout.

Paper monsters & emotions activity tutorial for the book Glad Monster Sad Monster by Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda.

November Projects

Butterfly activity tutorial for the book Seniorita Mariposa by Ben Gundersheimer and Marcos Almada Rivera.

Thumbprint picture activity tutorial for the book Mixed: A Colorful Story by Arree Chung.

October Projects

Ballot box and I voted stickers activity tutorial for the book Vote For Our Future by Margaret Mcnamara and Micah Player.

Paper sculpture activity tutorial for the book Henri's Scissors by Jeanette Winter.

September Project

Activity tutorial for the book Sam & Dave Dig A Hole by Mac Burnett and Jon Klassen.

July Project

Action Lines. For the book Just Line Around by Kinsy Mcvay.

Activity Handout

June Project

Anywhere Self Portraits. For the book Anywhere Artist by Nikkis Slade Robinson.

Activity Handout

May Project

If YOU Painted a Dinosaur. For the book If da Vinci Painted a Dinosaur by Amy Newbold.

Activity Handout

April Project

Self Portrait Paper Mosaics. For the book Pezzettino by Leo Lionni.

Activity Handout